"DRB Consulting" is a full service professional agency of expert practitioners, who partner with youth and family-serving justice and community-based agencies, to assess the individual and organizational needs; followed by developing results-driven programs to rediscover the potential in the individual and the organization.  “DRB Consulting” specialize in conducting Juvenile Facility Assessments and developing Behavior Management Systems for residential juvenile detention, treatment, and correctional facilities.

          "DRB Consulting" utilizes best practice facility assessment tools to identify facility-specific strengths and needs, followed by developing well-balanced Behavior Management Systems. Skillfully developed Behavior Management Models are critical foundations in establishing the facility’s rehabilitative culture that promotes fair and humane treatment, ensures juvenile rights and proper due process procedures, assists juveniles in developing important competencies for societal citizenship, and more importantly decreases incidents of institutional violence.  

          “DRB Consulting” also takes additional steps by conducting training for facility supervision staff, as well as provide technical assistance to ensure systemic adjustments are properly instituted. 
“DRB Consulting” specializes in assisting:

1.    Start-up juvenile facilities to execute required objectives to meet state compliance standards;
2.    Existing juvenile facilities with internal/programmatic development and;
3.    Juvenile facilities that may be falling short of compliance and needing to restore back to best practice

Additionally, “DRB Consulting” has also successfully served and advanced the development of several juvenile facilities through providing the following additional services:

1.     Policy Development
2.    “Classification System” Design
3.    “Crisis Intervention” Training
4.    “Professional Development” Training

In all, “DRB Consulting” is proven and experienced in aiding start-up and existing juvenile facilities to improve their conditions of confinement, through providing services that promote safety and accountability which encourage positive youth development.